• Forced Redirect Ads Cost Publishers Money, But So Does Blocking Them

    The current crop of forced mobile redirect ads tell users they’ve just won a $1,000 Amazon gift card or an Apple iPhoneX. People in ad tech have come to view them in the same way they see blizzards: They’re a hassle and unavoidable in certain climates, including programmatic advertising. “This comes up every year – […]

  • Podcast: How Troy Young Guides Hearst Digital Through Unstable Times

    Welcome to AdExchanger Talks, a podcast focused on data-driven marketing. Subscribe here. The rollup of magazine media continues apace. Meredith’s acquisition of Time Inc, and Hearst’s buyout of Rodale have reduced much of the sector to just a few large companies. But the competitive set has if anything grown to include tech, digital publishers and “commerce + […]

  • Time Inc. Vets Take A Page From The Email Playbook With Launch Of Upscale Travel Pub

    Three magazine media vets on Thursday launched Full Time Travel, a media brand catering to 30-40-year-old upscale consumers. Think of it like TheSkimm, but for travel content. The founders – Nick Van Sicklen, former digital VP at Time Inc., Matt Carroll from Modern Luxury and Gabby Blitz Rosen from Travel + Leisure and Food & […]

  • Meredith Closes Time Inc. Deal, Forecasts $700 Million In Digital Revenue This Year

    Meredith closed its acquisition of Time Inc. Wednesday to create a media company with 174 million digital US unique visitors – not far behind Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon. Meredith will triple its digital revenue by acquiring Time Inc., with projected digital revenue this year of $700 million. Digital will contribute 30% to overall […]

  • Three Ways To Survive The Facebook Algo Change, From A Group Nine Media Exec

    Last year, Group Nine Media, a holding company that owns publications including NowThis and Thrillist, created 23 360-degree videos on Facebook for the VR headset Samsung Gear 360, racking up 161 million views in five months. It was the most popular brand campaign on Facebook in 2017. But will Group Nine be able to replicate […]

  • Twitter: The Not-So-Little Engine That … Might?

    Twitter is a company that always seems on the verge of flight. The potential is there, but the question remains: Will the platform ever be able to fulfill it? Instability in Twitter’s C-suite doesn’t help. On Tuesday, COO Anthony Noto – second in command to Jack Dorsey – became the most recent top Twitter exec to fly […]

  • Hearst Data VP: The Value Of Publisher Data Is Skyrocketing

    As the value of publisher data surges, Adam Harris, VP of data products at Hearst Magazines Digital Media, is tasked with maximizing its opportunities. When Harris joined in May, he looked at how Hearst data can be used to create experiences that drive sales, which performance-focused advertisers demand from their digital media. The work builds […]

  • Conde Nast Acqui-hires Head Of Data Science

    Conde Nast wants to quickly build up its data science practice, so it acquired Lighthouse Datalab on Monday. In so doing, it added three people to its data science team who will enhance the machine-learning and AI capabilities of Spire, its data platform. Lighthouse Datalab founder Sriram Subramanian will serve as head of data science […]

  • TBS CMO: Art Helps Us Create Content, But Data Shows Us The Path To Consumption

    TBS and TNT’s new CMO, Michael Engleman, is on a mission to make the networks’ brand marketing engine much more agile. Engleman, who helped rebrand the Sci Fi Channel as SyFy during his time at NBCUniversal, thinks broadcasters will be forced to adapt as new content producers and channels compete for consumer attention. For years, […]

  • Netflix Will Have Ads, And Other Predictions From Top TV Ad Chiefs

    Netflix will inevitably need ads, predicted Jo Ann Ross, CBS’ president and chief advertising revenue officer, during a fireside chat at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview on Thursday. “Maybe they’ll offer a lower-cost version of their service [or a different model],” she said, “but if they’re spending that much money [on content], they will look for ways […]

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