The creator of this blog, Amy Hein, is part freelance Artist, part Wildlife Conservation Educator, who is dedicated to DIY practices, natural materials, and zero waste. She is passionate about encouraging others to embrace eco friendly habits in their everyday way of living too. Amy provides advice to make it easier to discover zero waste choices that don’t disrupt your current lifestyle, while still contributing to a positive environmental impact. In a pinch, the health advocate focuses her attention on teaching creative ways to not only improve your well being, but also that of the planet. 

If you would like to check out more on her artistic practice please visit or @amyheinart on Instagram. 


Nicholas Boulrice is a freelance photographer and videographer who takes 90% of the photo documentation for A Pint Sized Impact. As a self-taught creative, he explores all elements of beautiful scenery, and holds the ability to turn ideas into stunningly captured moments. Nicholas also embraces a zero waste style of living.

If you love looking at beautiful things, check out his photography page @nicholas_boulrice on Instagram.