HELLO FRIENDS! And welcome to my blog, A PINT SIZED IMPACT! My name is Amy and I am a freelance Artist and Conservation Educator in Outreach Education at the Calgary Zoo. I am very excited to be writing on a weekly basis and have you join me in this eco-friendly journey. 

I have decided to start this blog for a few different reasons. The first is that for the last year I have been meaning to get more into writing, and when asked why I’m not writing I seem to keep coming up with all the excuses in the books. No time, I’m tired, I have too much going on, the dishes, you name it! For all the reasons and excuses not to, I’m going to start a Blog, to express my passion and help others live a zero waste lifestyle!

The second reason is that I have been trying to determine how I can link my artistic practice with environmental issues and wildlife conservation. Inspired by National Geographic research on creative explorers, I have recently discovered avenues of creativity I had never imagined possible. My current artwork tends to be quite seasonal, and infused with a growing backyard. From this I have noticed that just like Calgary in January, my artistic practice goes through a dry spell in the winter months. For these reasons, I am hoping that this writing space will allow for the continuation of creativity and learning all 365 days a year.

The third and most heavily hearted reason is that, I share a love for the natural world and all the beings who call Earth home. I was inspired by Plastic Free July, a global movement to reduce plastic pollution by providing corporate and individual challenges to reduce single use plastics. I first joined the Plastic Free July Challenge through the Calgary Zoo in July of 2018, and quickly realized just how much plastic I was using everyday. Fast forward one year, and I have made it my goal to remove unneeded packaging and one-use plastic from my life. Now, in the world we live in this is no easy feat, but from plastic bags to make-up packaging and personal hygiene, I believe that everyone can reduce their impact by simply changing their habits and making conscious choices. Jane Goodall says it perfectly, “every single person makes some impact on the planet everyday”, and it is in our power to make it a place filled with more beauty. 

Using my handmade produce bags at Bridgeland Market, a local grocery store
Photo by: Nicholas Boulrice

This blog will dive into why being conscious of your everyday environmental impact is important, and how we can inspire others to change their lifestyle to a more environmentally friendly one. It will explore ideas on how to become plastic free, using packaging free cooking and buying options, and providing ecological support for the overwhelming moments. It will also draw reference to my artistic ideas, DIYs, and other artists/researchers in relation to environmental concern and making this world a better place. If any of these ideas seem enticing to you, or you get just as excited as I do with my reusable containers at the Bulk Barn, then this blog is for you! Thank you for reading and joining me in making a pint sized impact!

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