Vegetarian Recipes

These vegetarian recipes do not include any meat or fish but may include other animal-derived products like eggs and dairy. Vegetarianism is often adopted for health, environmental, or ethical reasons, and vegetarian cuisine celebrates the bounty and diversity of plant-based foods.

Vegetarian dishes can be incredibly varied and span all types of cuisine, from Indian to Mediterranean, Asian to Mexican, and beyond. They include a wide range of foods, such as hearty legume-based dishes, vibrant salads, satisfying grain bowls, rich pastas, robust stews, comforting soups, protein-packed tofu or tempeh creations, and so much more.

Here are some of our favorite vegetarian recipes: Italian Minestrone Soup, Paneer Tikka, Singapore Noodles, Saucy Puerto Rican Beans and Potatoes, and Madras Lentils.

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